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I went into teaching because I have the patience of a saint, and love coming up with great ways to explain things to people so that they understand.

I had images of planning these fabulous lessons, where pupils were engrossed enough to actually learn something, rather than thinking “bleugh, Physics!”.

In reality, a modern day teacher has no time! Unless I want to have NO LIFE whatsoever during term time (which would probably cost me my marriage!), then lesson planning has to take no longer than 30 minutes per lesson, which really isn’t long enough to plan something as amazing as I want it to be. Shame.

A typical term time day:

7.30am – arrive at school, boot slow computer, check lessons for the day, do photocopying, tidy classroom, check to-do list.

8.20am – meeting of some sort every daya

8.35am – tutor time

9.50am to 3.15pm – usually 4 hours of teaching, then any “free” time is spent clearing up practicals, setting up practicals, eating, peeing (if I remember), sorting out problems in my tutor group, emailing parents, and going through topics with kids who are stuck. 

4.15pm leave school after doing some admin once the day is done, and checking practical equipment for the next day.

4.30pm HOME! Cup of tea, clean up whatever the dog has destroyed, give dog some attention, do some housework

5pm- 6pm – Lesson planning

6pm – 7.30pm: family time (eat, talk, put son to bed!)

7.30pm – 9pm: more lesson planning, and 30 minutes of marking. 

9pm – talk to husband and watch tv

10pm – sleep!

It is MENTAL, and only going to get more crazy next year when my timetable is increased!! It’s a shame teachers aren’t given less classes, so that they can put even more effort into the classes they do have. I guess that’s what a private school is!

Still, it’s all good fun, and I’ve just managed to find 5 minutes to type this, so I can’t be going totally insane yet…