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Yet another email from the head of year moaning that I have been unprofessional. ARGH! F*ck OFF!

I am getting really fed up of being made to feel like a kid!

We had a meeting with a parent and child, which went well (we had to make her see that the root of her son being bullied was actually himself, and therefore shunting him from school to school will not fix the problem, merely harm his education and self esteem!).

Anyway, my own son had been really poorly having had a bad reaction to something. Having no lesson last thing, Ideally I would have gone home and taken him to the doctor myself, but instead, as this parent had taken unpaid time off work to come in, I felt it unfair to cancel, so the in-laws kindly took my son to the doctors. I took my phone to the meeting, and at the very end, when the meeting was over and the actions summarised, I got the text saying what was wrong with my son. I shared the news as I was relieved it wasn’t contagious at least, so he can go to nursery tomorrow!

Apparently looking at my phone was unprofessional, even though the meeting was over, and even though I told everyone my reason why.

Well, at least time I know that I will cancel any meeting and put my son first. 

Was it really unprofessional, given mobile phones are an every day part of life, and given I didn’t even touch the phone until the meeting was over?! I mean, the meeting was taking place because the parent was concerned about her child, so she seemed to understand perfectly well that I was also concerned about my child.

Have resisted sending a sarcastic response, and will just hit the delete button.