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With my head of a department it is a little like working for Jekyll and Hyde – it is hard to know whether she is going to be nice or just rude and stroppy!

Today she was in the mood for biting heads off! A few of us pointed out at the meeting this morning that stuff for lessons were arriving late, so kids were arriving at lessons and the starter worksheet wasn’t available. Queue sarcastic comment and me getting my head bitten off!

We end up with SO many worksheets for lessons, it is not surprising the technicians are struggling and stressed, but it is also annoying to get head bitten off for trying to highlight a problem and suggest a solution!

In reality, she had an idea that turned out to be cr*p, so doesn’t like being corrected.

She obviously then upset the technicians and commented they were late delivering lessons, who then practically threw the tray of worksheets for lesson 2 into my lab half way through lesson one. I didn’t dare tell them it was the wrong lesson they had printed, so had to improvise!

Oh well, only 9 more teaching weeks after this until I go on maternity.

I do love my job as a teacaher, and the kids are (mostly) fabulous, but it is such hard work putting up with a boss who can react in such different ways, and you never know which.