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I finished my engineering job over 3 years ago then re-trained to become a science teacher.

I actually LOVED my engineering job, and 3 days a week gave me a superb work-life balance. I did as much 3 days a week as many of the guys did in a full working week.

As we were short staffed, the boss at the time decided to solve the problem by increasing my hours back to full time. Illegal, as I was well past my trial period of 3 days a week. He sneakily got my team lead to give me the letter, so when I appealed it, the boss himself (who was behind the whole thing) got to make the final decision.

Very devious, but thankfully I knew the law, so told my team lead I would be taking legal action, so wanted to know if it was 100% him alone that made the decision to force my hours back to full time. He panicked, and even better than planned, sent me an email confirming both him AND the boss were behind it.

Needless to say I forwarded the email to the director and the boss got his fingers burned for being so unprofessional and devious.

Hubby still works for the same engineering company, although he was never involved in my dispute – I can fight my own battles.

They have just been putting the jobs into “bands” with pay scales, and hubby, despite being the most experienced and knowledgable in the office, has been denied the senior position as he doesn’t have a degree! His team lead went to see the boss who pretty much told him that as I was awkward and caused him trouble, along with hubby being friends with another guy who left (forced out!), then he was going to block any future promotions!!

Hubby is fuming! If it wasn’t for the fact we had twins on the way (so he is now planning to take 6 weeks parental leave over the summer hahahahahahaa), he would change jobs.