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On my penultimate day at work, I jokingly said during a department meeting that I would take on a particular task, knowing I was about to go on maternity leave. My head of department laughed, then commented that “oh yeah, it is almost my last day, so as we are all here then good luck”.

My last day just came and went. No card, the odd goodbye from individuals, just nothing really. A couple of my colleagues asked me at the end of the day had nothing been organised, as even they seemed surprised that no one had done anything.

I just feel a little deflated that after teaching and putting loads of effort in, meeting all deadlines, not missing a single day this year other than maternity appointments, and getting great results, that no one seemed overly bothered or cared.

I feel like a complete mug for writing cover lessons for all my classes for the following week (which I didn’t have to do, but did so because I was being nice and saving someone else a lot of time) when no one bothered to say thank you. Just “oh, ok”.

At least I did have some nice comments and a couple of cards from some of the kids I teach, but other than that, the whole thing has been such an anti climax.

Not even my tutor group managed to organise a card.

In my last (non teaching) job, despite working with all men, they managed a presentation, card, presents and loads of Mothercare vouchers. I wasn’t expecting all that again, but a good luck card would have been nice.

Oh well, onwards… I have two babies to prepare for!!