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In the last week of term, hubby and I went to watch my son’s nativity play. I felt a bit tired and run down, but managed a trip to the shops afterwards.

At midday, I had a midwife appointment, so decided to take advantage of my husband having the day off work and got him to drive me down, as I felt so rubbish. My back ached (quite normal when 34 weeks pregnant with twins) and I had a few cramps, which I presume were Braxton Hicks again.

The midwife decided to send me to the hospital to be checked. Grrrr. Such a long way. I put my hospital bag that I had packed a couple of days earlier into the car, just in case.

There were no parking spaces at the hospital, so we had to park a long way from the maternity unit, and walk the 20 minutes across. I told the reception that the midwife had sent me, and they showed me to a room and said someone would be with me shortly.

30 minutes later, no one had been in, and I was now in agony with cramps every 5 minutes, so sent hubby to get pain killers. The midwife came in and seemed rather surprised (I think most people in the assessment unit are false alarms), and discovered I was already 4cm dilated!

After a quick transfer to a delivery suite, I BEGGED for a c-section, but my little girl was too far down for that. Nor was there time for an epidural. Eeeek. As my boy was transverse, I quickly got moved to theatre, where 2 pushes later and some gas and air, my little girl was born.

3 doctors then started pushing on my stomach to turn twin 2, and 20 minutes later out he came!

Twin 2 spent 17 days in hospital, despite being the bigger twin, but they are now both home and doing really well. I am not sure where the last 7 weeks have gone since their birth, but as they are both gaining weight, my extreme exhaustion is obviously paying off.