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… Remain!

It was a close call, but I decided to go with remain, as although the EU membership is a long way from ideal and needs drastic changes, better the devil you know!

I knew a lot of people would vote for BREXIT, but I did not anticipate a BREXIT win!

One thing for certain is that the result has shown the true colours of many people. A friend who does lots of good work for charity had a Facebook rant calling people who voted BREXIT some vile names. Just nasty! I sporeciate the good work she does for charity, but that does not give her the right to be so vile towards those just exorcising their democratic right.

One of the great things about this country is that we have a democracy. Eveyone gets to vote, and we go with the majority. In this case, the majority who voted opted to leave the EU.

So WHY are people demanding a second referendum? That is like saying you can have a referendum, but only if we get the result we want! Their excuse so far is that the leave campaign was full of lies. Ok, but so was the remain campaign. They have found a few people that would have voted differently if they had their chance again, but so would I – I would vote BREXIT this time!

Isn’t it about time we accept that democracy has spoken, and pull together to make it work?

On the plus side, the leave vote has indeed highlighted the flaws in the EU membership, including the lack of democracy within it; one of the reasons many voted to leave. Other countries are now agreeing with the UK.

Perhaps this BREXIT vote can be used to reshape the EU onto a more democratic model that benefits all?