At school I had a best friend, who now lives a long way away, although we always keep in touch.

At uni, I had a best friend, who also now lives 1.5 hours away, but we also keep in touch and we do meet up when we can, as we both have 3 kids.

But I miss having someone to gossip to, to go for a drink with, a girls night in etc… I have TRIED my best, but just can’t find someone I have much in common with, or they seem to have enough friends already, or I just don’t seem to be the type of person they want to be friends with.

I have been doing the school run since December, and although we call for people on the way there and back, it never seems to be more than superficial chat. I ask them questions, I show interest in their hobbies, I try and remember when they have said that they were doing something, then ask them about it. But they never seem to ask me anything. I then often spend the entire school run walking on my own whilst everyone else pairs up to chat. I try joining in, but it feels like I have nothing of interest to say and my comments are ignored or go unnoticed.

I even invited 3 of my son’s friends and their mums round after school a while back (they all came and appeared to have a good time), but no one returned the invite.

My son is desperate for a play date during the hols, but so far my messages remain unanswered, and I am feeling rather sad for him. One “friend” said she was busy on the day I suggested, and then said they were only free on the morning that she knows full well I take the babies to a group. I am hoping she just forgot rather than picked a time she knows I cannot make, but she didn’t reply when I suggested the afternoon instead.

As a last ditch attempt, I have posted a FB post asking if anyone fancies a play date tomorrow morning at a soft play centre. It feels a bit desperate, and if no one replies, then I can feel my heart sinking to the bottom of my stomach already. That horrible saddening butterfly feeling.

My son can be a bit annoying and bossy, but he is a lovely kind boy. He has had his life turned upside-down by the arrival of twins, so he doesn’t deserve this. I can take him out places, but he just keeps asking for his friends to come round, and I just have to keep telling him they are busy.