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For starters, Corbyn should NOT be running the country. He has no experience, and seems to think he can solve the terror threats by having tea and cake round a table with ISIS.

On the other hand, he has some great ideas about ploughing money into the NHS and schools.

His 30 hours of free childcare for anyone two or over is unrealistic and never going to happen. The UK nurseries cannot even cope with the current 30 hours offered to 3 year olds, with only a handful of nurseries in my county offering this service, and even then with lots of restrictions on when you take the hours.

Free tuition fees COULD be a reasonable idea, but certainly not for everyone. It should be for only certain courses, OR those who work for a UK company in a graduate position for say 5 years get their fees paid off. It is an idea that needs a LOT more work.

He seems to just be offering incentives left, right and centre to any group of people he hasn’t pleased yet. And at what cost?? hHis figures are sketchy at best, and he has been very vague over them, often making mistakes when quoting them. I believe there is a genuine risk of bankruptcy if this man takes over!!

And yet on the other hand we have May, who is making FAR too many cuts in the public sector, mainly schools and the NHS! We do NOT want the NHS privatising! Nor (as a teacher) do I want classes of 32! These kids are our future, so invest in them!

Yet she does have a good concept of what benefits are for. They were brought in after the war to help genuinely desparate families get back on their feet, particularly when the man of the house had been killed fighting for his country. The bedroom tax is a brilliant idea; if you have social housing, then you should be GREATFUL for it, and single people should not be hogging a 3 bed house without a penalty when there are families waiting for it. Benefits need to be a helping hand, not a lifestyle choice.

So this leaves the difficult decision of who to vote for.

Conservatives WILL win in my area, because housing round here is expensive, and even a small three bedroom semi-detached would classify as “rich” under labours terms. Yet it is these people who are hard working and have saved hard to buy their own home; certainly not people to penalise!

I think the best option is a coalition government again, hopefully Conservative-LibDeb.

Corbyn is just not fit to run the country, and I fear for the long term future of my children. A vote for anyone other than Conservative is just giving Corbyn a lead, so although I feel I want to vote for our local LibDem candidate (who is very good), I am not sure it is a good idea.

I do not fully support May either though…

Argh. See? Such a hard choice!